Peak Performance

Every aspect of success starts within your most powerful asset
… Your Brain!

Training your brain to peak efficiency means greater performance in all areas of your life.

Whether you are a sportsman, musician, pilot, surgeon, salesman – the list is endless! We can help you to UP YOUR GAME!

We use Neurofeedback HEG to train the brain to focus on the task at hand thus leading to increased performance. Our programme builds an extreme level of concentration giving you’re the ability to:
 tune out distractions during key situations,

  • tune out distractions during key situations,
  • performing better under pressure,
  • have more accurate timing, and
  • have improved mental agility through more efficient use of brain resources.

Contact us for a quick and easy assessment. We will determine your current level of cognitive performance and work out a personalised training protocol for your peak performance benefit.

Giving you the edge:

Improves sleep

  • Neurofeedback improves the depth and quality of sleep.
  • Essential for elite athletes, musicians, pilots, surgeons and many more!
  • Trainers have found that deep, restorative sleep directly correlates to performance.


  • Neurofeedback increases neuroplasticity.
  •  The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.
  • Enables the central nervous system to better cope with stress.
  • Few events in life involve the same type of pressure that a performer faces while performing in front of a crowd.