Reading difficulties? You can Read2!

Read2! is a focused reading programme designed for learners who are in danger of failing their academic year due to severe reading difficulties. 

Although there are no quick fixes where reading and learning difficulties are concerned, the Read2! programme is designed to deliver real and significant results in terms of reading. Braingain East Africa has a developed program to help children teachers and parents tackle the immediate shortcomings that are preventing them from moving on to a next level of reading or reading commensurate to their age. Once the immediate cognitive issues have been resolved, a long-term intervention strategy may be beneficial to a child as well.

The programme is a combination of assessment, reading schedule and further assessment on the progress made. It can be arrange at Braingain Reading Center, the child’s school. It can take place during school days and there is also  the power Intensive Holiday  program, specifically designed to help children make the most of the reading assistance during the school recess. 

Children can be slotted to attend classes between 08:00 am to 4:00 pm during the holidays or in the afternoons after school  during normal school term. Contact  Braingain East Africa for more information and costs or to book an assessment to kick-start the process.